Man And Nature: Why The Fascination Persists

The love affair between man and nature is a long and enduring one and shall not here be narrated lest we all get emotional. But there are things about nature that will always be intriguing and just like you, many people also find these topics to be very interesting. This piece discusses the five things that make nature really awesome and worth our attention every time the topic comes about.


Breathtakingly vast and abundant

Yes, this is entirely obvious and there is no excuse why you should always be reminded of this (like you never get it) except that there is always an excuse when it comes to nature. There is so much diversity in nature in form of species, geological features, rivers, lakes climates and so on that you cannot even in a thousand lifetimes be expected to have had enough.

And when we talk of nature we are limited to the little that earth has allowed us to interact with an embarrassingly small portion given that there are millions of exoplanets and galaxies out there that may as well host a life curious enough to want read on.



All humans agree that power is seductive and that is part of the reason they can’t help but hold nature in very high esteem. In one way or the other, nature has control over many of our actions and can and do determine our fates without the slightest consideration of what it is that we want with our lives a really uncool way of saying how lowly we are and how something else has all the say.


Nature is full of surprises and the moment that you think you have a clue of what’s going on something new will challenge your every sense of understanding. Take the example of the oceans we are yet to know how many shark species let alone salamanders that roam in the seas this is despite a hundred years’ worth of marine technology and research aimed at exploring its every depth.

Beyond comprehension

While many may claim to know what the hell is going on or where we all came from, it is all fluff because when it comes to nature nobody really knows. This is a really cool way of saying that before one master we are all equal in way if not in many other ways too.

Within reach

When we talk of nature, it not like we are talking about a black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy I mean the sight of a coyote having sex with a fellow coyote is pretty accessible to anyone who would pay enough attention to coyotes, leave alone that even more accessible is the groan of a bear in the wild because that amounts to sound and sound travels far away. Enough of kidding though nature surrounds us everywhere and it is in everything that we do and even when we take a closer look at ourselves, all there is to see is the nature in us.