Man and Hunting: Five Essentials for Every Hunting Expedition

Man and hunting go along way with every man alive having a hunter’s gene in them passed down from generations and generations of hunters and gatherers who forged their lives by terrorizing mostly small rodents and sometimes sickly mammoths.

And just like it was back then, there is no chance in making it as a great hunter without the right strategy, preparation and tools. Today’s hunting is quite different than that of our beloved ancestors with some people doing it for fun, others for food and others still as a population control measure but whether you are out to take a sloth or a buffalo, there are hunting essentials that you should always have.



Here is a list of the five must have hunting essentials you should carry along in your every hunting expedition.


A backpack is where you will put most of the things that you will need during your hunting expedition such as match sticks, water, knives food and so on. Be informed that you will need a good one for that matter otherwise some other hunter will look down on you because hunting is a really competitive sport requiring that you win from A-Z. But really, you must have a backpack that will serve you well and which should not be very heavy lest it drains all your energy away especially because hunting may have you walking several miles on foot. It also has to be tough and a leather backpack if available to you would be best as it is less prone to tear and wear.

A Hunting knife or Survival Knife

Modified Clip-Drop-Spear-Point

A survival knife is a very important tool as it is used to kill the prey, tear the meat away, for self-defense and for marking paths followed. Without a proper survival knife, you can be scarcely considered a hunter because certainly you cannot be expected to leave your hunters mark like a bear leaves them with its claws. You can read about the top survival knifes over at


Great hunting is about following prey and covering long distances in search of action and if you are in the wild and alone, it is best to always have a sense of direction because without this getting lost is always an alternative. A compass will tell you where home is and where help is most likely to be found in case anything was to go wrong.

Food supplies

Food suppliesHunting is energy intensive and even if you are doing it for food, it is not always given that you will catch something during your first several trials. Also remember to carry fresh and clean water as part of your food supplies because both thirst and hunger are known to follow a hunter’s path.

Lighter/ matches

A lighter or a match box will help you start a fire that may serve you in several ways including warming you up when it’s cold, cooking your meals and keeping wild animals away from your camp at night. Also a lighter will help start the fire signals that will pinpoint your location in case you get lost and a rescue service is out looking for you.