Air Rifle Buying Guide of 2015

Air rifles are guns which used compressed air to propel and several types of air rifles have been produced over the years.


Air rifles categorized according to caliber and there are 4 types of caliber: .177, .22, .20, and .25.

The most common caliber is the .177 because this caliber has the same diameter as BB steel. Many guns with a caliber of .177 can fire both pellets and sparrows. The one with .177 also has flat trajectory, good penetration, and has high velocities.

The .22 caliber is the one that is mostly used for hunting down small game and animals. This caliber is also good for shooting pellets downwards because the pellets are heavier, but caliber .177 can shoot at a farther distance.

The .20 caliber is not as popular as the .177 and the .22 but it has fast trajectory, high velocities, and the downward shooting is enough for small game hunting. Some consider this as the perfect air rifle because it combines the high velocity and the energy that both .177 and .22 has.

The one that is getting much attention is the .25 caliber because it is not chambered in many rifles, but this caliber is great for downward shooting and for humane killing. The trajectory is not as fast as the other calibers so the direction of the trajectory is like a rainbow. This is the best caliber for any small game hunter.


It is mostly used for hunting small game and for killing pests. You can also sue this to kill games which have the size of a raccoon. Air rifles can shoot as far as 30 yards.

Air rifle shooting contests are popular in the US for gam hunting seasons. During off season, the big game hunters use air rifles to practice because they find it less costly and it does not cause too much noise unlike the rifles they use for killing bigger game. Air rifles can also be used in your own backyard to kill pests and for practicing in air fields.

It is not anymore considered a toy because a lot of models have come out and people are using it to practice killing small game for the on-season contests. It all depends on how you will use it, but if you look at the differences between the calibers, it is easy to compare them and even if you are a beginner, you won’t have a hard time choosing which one you want. You can compare them on shooting and safety.

Some air rifles cost more than the others depending on the caliber, pellets used, material, trajectory and brand. Consider where you will use it to be able to choose the perfect fit for you. Whether if it is for small game hunting, pest control problems, or for fun there are calibers appropriate to suit all of your needs. Ask someone who has an experience using air rifles to better understand its power, velocity and capacity. You can learn more over at the